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by vespaburuk
Fri Oct 03, 2008 11:36 pm
Forum: Garmin Handheld
Topic: GPSmap 60CSx
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Re: GPS60 CSX Price Watch

GPS60 is handheld device and only use in jungle as tracking or trail. This device NOT suitable if using on motorbike. Has small screen, low audio information (NO VOICES) and don't have enuf 3D map view than Nuvi BUT still can use with many irritation. If u not jungle man or tracker.... just want to...
by vespaburuk
Wed Mar 19, 2008 2:07 pm
Forum: Community
Topic: Setting up newco to license our maps
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Re: Setting up newco to license our maps

Good idea !

The only way to make Malsingmaps better.

by vespaburuk
Tue Dec 04, 2007 2:10 pm
Forum: Community
Topic: Illegitimate unlocking of Malsing maps
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Re: Illegitimate unlocking of Malsing maps

Just to be on the bright side... I dont think the "crack" works fully as intended by the author, and this is what he wrote: "That's it. You can see the attached pictures for a "before & after" comparison of the patch. Note that this patch still has one limitation as the original unpatched version. N...
by vespaburuk
Tue Aug 21, 2007 10:10 pm
Forum: My Roadtrips
Topic: Genting - Cherating Drive/Trip - UPDATED PICS 9/9
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Re: Genting - Cherating Drive/Trip

Just a pointer here...

Be careful not to eat at a "nice looking Restaurant" infront of this Chalet ( N4 07.578 E103 23.783 ) near Cherating Beach.

They will charge you RM 12.00 for a plate of stoooopid Nasi Goreng which tasted like 100% Ajinomoto!!!