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Re: Garmin Malaysia map

#131 Post by avanza101 » Fri Aug 29, 2008 1:24 pm

IMHO I don't think Garmin's map can be compared with MSM this is bcos MSM's POI especially food catergory are 100x better than Garmin. Why? Bcos most of them are reviewed not any tom dick & harry's food outlet... :mrgreen:

So conclusion is MSM still the BEST!!
A company cannot match huge MSM community.
I'll continue to contribute as much as possible...WTG MSM!! :thumbsup:

antyong! :prayer: :prayer: :prayer:

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Re: Garmin Malaysia map

#132 Post by stuartloh » Tue Sep 02, 2008 4:41 pm

well ! i don't think there are any Map that is better then the map i tracked and contributed in my area and so as the members in here too have the same minds.

the track that we tracked were actually the everyday route that we travel,not simply some one that saw in the printing map and use it as a guide to map out the way by not consider the way (one way or two ways road).u-turn point or restricted u-turn all should know what i meant.

the routing of the road in Malaysia is changing everyday in the whole in intentionally or unintentionally,make the hardway of the flow and the right decision in the route calculation in the need of travelling. yes~maybe the Garmin's Authorized Mapping company can have the detail in hand in after some time, but in what time that you can think of when somebody need in consider freely from such government notice.may be take years ! :finga:

but here! we can any time submit the error that we found ,to correct it in the short time (only take few months to get the new error into the map),i believed in myself from what i had tracked and i think all the member here too have this strong believe its the bound of trust that we have! rather then get pay to have a media that i can't fully in believe(well ! that the fact,cause most of the route are outdated or wrongly mapped in some area and still in the same errors when coming out in the new update,that we still have to pay for it again).

what i want to say is,its easy to get a map that we can pay to get it rather then a free one,so there is no special that some map in the market we can have it any time when we like to(want to point out is that,there is no such thing as whole life free update in the Authorized mapping don't make me laught like hell !)!just show your money then you have it,any special?? i'm curious ! just matter of money, in the fact of the world,why was the Micheal so happy about it? that means you just pay as you can to get the map you want.but ! in here,you have to contribute,means no money talking in here. and most of all are the people that i believe of them that sweated out to contribute and make it out!
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Re: Garmin Malaysia map

#133 Post by simseair » Tue Sep 02, 2008 5:12 pm


Recently, I had a chance to browse through the Garmin Malaysia/Singapore map. I noticed that Garmin map does show a lot of road details for many towns and cities as what was shown by Michael Low. However, when I checked the details for the Pontian town, I noticed that many of the roads do not have any names. The same goes for Kota Tinggi.

I am of the opinion that these commercial maps are made from satellite images and it is not possible to get the names of roads. Unless companies like TeleAtlas take the trouble to copy the names of roads from locally available paper maps or from local contacts, they will not be able to provide the names of roads especially those in housing areas.

I noticed that the Garmin map does not show any detail for Pekan Nenas.

Personally, I do not mind paying for a good commercial map. If I am going to a first world country like Australia, I would definitely buy a commercial map. I recently bought the Garmin NT China map. Worth the price. The map showed many cities in quite good details.

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