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Newbie Lounge Mini Index - View and Ask for Links Here

#1 Post by bartmp8 » Wed Feb 25, 2009 12:07 pm

Dear Members,

I am compiling a mini index of various popular Newbie Topics in Newbie Lounge which may not be
"Stickied". Please use the Search Function (top right hand corner) to look for other topics not listed.

Please see if there is a Topic fitting your question before starting a new one.
If you are looking for an reference in an existing topic/post and can't find it using "Search",
please ask for help here, using the following format:

Topic: [What you looking for]
Keyword: [What keywords you have already tried]
Author: [Names you tried]
Location: [Which Forum/Sub-forum]

If any Members come across a topic being searched, please report it here.

If there is any Topic you think should be included in this List, please post a link
here and I'll add it in.

This Topic will be Moderated and any OT posts will be edited/deleted

Click Topic Titles for Link:

MSM Site Related

Private Message at Outbox and Not Sent
Newbie Question: Where to post POIs, Errors etc
Which Version to Download - MXT Symbian Vs Non Symbian
How to Find MSM Version No./ How to Update MSM
Newbie Guide Part 4
Help Me Find this Address - Address Search on MSM
Contributing to MSM: Questions & Guide
POI/GPI Matters
Newbie Guide to Junction View Matters
Newbie Guide to Installing More than 1 Map in GPSr
What is the difference between MSM NT and MSM MYSG v3.xx
Download MSM in Chinese Font
Using Laptop for GPS Navigation: Questions & Guide
US/UK/OZ/TWN vs local purchase - Old Info proceed with care


GMXT - Nokia Symbian: Questions & Guide Part 3
GMXT - PDA: Questions and Guide Part 3
GMXT - Sony Ericsson: Questions & Guide
GMXT - Adding Vehicles to MXT

GPS Hardware/Setup

Loading MSM into NUVI Part 6
How to Download MSM to Garmin Handheld Part 3
ZUMO Matters
Using Laptop for GPS Navigation: Questions & Guide
Adding Chinese Characters to Garmin Handheld

Proxy/Que - PDA: Questions & Guide
Blackberry: Questions & Guide
Samsung/OMNIA: Questions & Guide
IPhone: Questions & Guide

Other GPS
Shinco GPS & Win CE Units Matter
GPS Bay Matters
Goozee Matters
Holux Matters

Mapsource Matters

Download Mapsource
MapSource - Problems & Solutions
Newbie Guide to Mapsource Installation & Use [v6.15.4]

GPS Software Related

Loading MSM into RoadTrip (mac)
GPS can plan routes? [Multiple Destinations]
Garmin Vehicle icons
GPS Routing and Road Avoidance Matters


MSM comparing with Garmin Original MalSingMaps
GPS Satellite Aquisition Problem
Help, etc: Examples of Vague questions, fantastic answers
GPSr that can't use MSM [Tom2, Magellan, iGO, WinCE etc]
Newbie Guide to Mapking General Matters

General Reference for NUVI

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