Mapsource & Basecamp Installation, Use & Discussion

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Mapsource & Basecamp Installation, Use & Discussion

#1 Post by bartmp8 » Fri May 06, 2011 1:02 pm

A) Mapsource

Various instructions to install Mapsource:
  1. Instruction as explained by Bro trajet2b
  2. Instruction as appeared in MalsingWiki
  3. Instruction as explained by Bro moeyHC:
moeyHC wrote: My method of installing Mapsource is much simpler...or is it?

- Make a Folder in C:\ called Garmin. (C:\Garmin)
- Copy and paste the Mapsource_verXXXXX.exe (any version) into the above folder.
- Copy a file, any file will do into the C:\Garmin folder and rename the file Mapsource.EXE
- Run Mapsource_verXXXXX.exe
- When you click Finish an error will flash on screen. Just ignore it. You have not install any map into Mapsource yet and hence the error prompt.
- Exit Mapsource and install MSM map and restart Mapsource to see your beloved MSM map displayed.
- Done...

Tips:- Mapsource installation looks for the file Mapsource.exe in C:\Garmin if not found it will abort.
So, the above copying and renaming is to fools :-$ it to "Think' there is a previous installation of Mapsource in your computer..... :)
B) Basecamp


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