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Common Questions[edit]

Will using a self-created map damage my GPS device?[edit]

While we cannot guarantee it, the numerous maps produced by our members over the past three years have not resulted in any feedback of GPS device damage due to usage of self-created maps.

Is there a simple way to convert my tracks and waypoints into a map?[edit]

Yes. You can use our GPX2IMG tool to convert your tracks and waypoints into a basic map.

There is no way for automatic creation of routable maps at this moment.

How can we update a map with our own POI's, tracks?[edit]

2 ways of including POI's into the maps.

  1. If you are using maps from mapping communities like Malsingmaps, send your POIs to the authors who will gladly add the waypoints to the maps.
  2. If your maps are downloaded from Mapcenter or Mapcenter2 and wish to update the maps yourself, refer to our tutorials about making basic maps to get started.

Can I convert my tracks directly to polylines?[edit]

Yes but it is not recommended unless you are creating a basic map for your own use.

  • How you drive is not always how the road really is. Your GPS device have an accuracy radius. A 3m accuracy reading means possibility of deviation of up to 6m. Record tracks of the same road several times and you will see what we mean.
  • If you are tracking your neighbourhood, you might have driven the same road more than once. Converting your tracks directly will create overlapping polyline of some roads.
  • For a routable map, intersections need to be defined properly.
  • Multiple points are saved at the same coordinate as you stop moving. If these multiple points are not removed once converted into polylines, you may encounter all sorts of error compiling into a routable map.

Can I upload a scanned paper map into my GPS or convert a scanned map into a GPS map?[edit]

No, you cannot upload scanned map images into your GPS. A scanned map in .bmp or .jpg format are called "Raster" maps - the file is just full of pixels with no location coordinates. The scanned map needs to be geo-referenced first ie. to define each point on the scanned map with a set of Lat and Lon location cordinates.

Converting a scanned map image into a GPS map introduces may errors. You will need to identify a few calibration coordinates. To convert a scanned map into a GPS map, follow this guide.

Can I edit (add, delete, change etc) the .img file which I downloaded?[edit]

You can but it is NOT RECOMMENDED as all sorts of errors are introduced when you open a .img file, then save and re-compile. Also, the routing data is lost when you open a routable .img file. You will not be able to replicate the routing properties of the original map.

Can I map restricted areas such as military camps?[edit]

By definition, the word "restricted" means "not intended for general circulation or release."

The maps that we created here are generally for the members of the open community to download and use. For this purpose, areas that are defined as high security such as army camp, naval bases, airbases, and generally all armed forces installation areas are NOT to be mapped or identified.

Can I create my own routable map to link with Malsing maps?[edit]

You can. You will need to know the coordinates of the roads at the boundary of the map you wish to link. Flag the connecting coordinate as External Link.

Further Questions[edit]

If you have any question that our wiki doesn't answer, please post them at our DIY Mapping forum.