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If you want your maps can be viewable in Mapsource, you need to create and register a Mapsource mapset. The process of creating a mapset was one of the most error-proned tasks until the development of automated mapset generators such as M3, IMG2MS and MapSetToolKit.

Of the thres automated mapset generators, M3 and MapSetToolKit are freewares so it is recommended to use either of them. They have different emphasis. M3 was written as a tool for non-technical computer users to create mapsets. MapSetToolKit, on the other hand, strives to be a complete frontend for mapset creation. It has more functions such as the ability to create mapsets of multiple routable maps. I recommend using M3 if you are not creating routable or customised display mapsets.

Note: Your maps need to be named in 8-digit numeric form in order for Mapsource to recognise them.

Using M3[edit]

  1. Run M3
  2. Click New on the main menu
  3. There are 2 mapset creation modes; Auto or Custom. Use the default Auto mode.
  4. Click Select Maps to open the file dialog. Select your map. You can make multiple selections within the same folder by pressing Ctrl while you left-click the maps.
  5. Click Open to confirm your selection and return to the Create Mapset screen.
  6. Give your mapset a name
  7. Click Create Mapset to start the process.

You can explore the Custom mode when you are comfortable with creating mapsets using the Auto mode. The Custom mode allows you the create a working mapset with a single routable map.

In addition, you can edit and uninstall existing mapsets using M3.

Using MapSetToolKit[edit]

  1. MapSetToolKit has an all-in-one screen where everything are done at the main screen. This may overwhelm first-time users.
  2. To select maps, click the Select IMG files button. You select the folder where the map is located and your map(s) will be listed in the list.
  3. Select the map to be added and click Add
  4. Under the Create TDB frame, name the folder where you choose your mapset to reside and give your mapset a name
  5. Check the Install in Mapsource box
  6. Identify the location of your cgpsmapper program under the cgpsmapper frame
  7. Click Start to start creating your mapset

Don't be alarm when a Convert terminated message appears at your screen. It means the mapset creation process is completed :)

If you have a routable map, you need to fill in the blanks under the Families mapsets frame

Creating Mapsets Manually[edit]

The section below explains how the mapset files are actually created and registered into Mapsourse.

If you don't know anything about Windows registry or don't know who to edit it, trying the steps below are NOT RECOMMENDED.

  1. Prepare a mapset configuration file. You can refer to our sample.
  2. Run cgpsmapper to create the mapset. Command: cgpsmapper pv SamplePV.txt
  3. cgpsmapper will create a sample registry script for you to register your mapset into Mapsource. Here is a sample.
  4. Edit the registry script to point properly at the folders where your mapset files are stored.
  5. Double-click to run the script.

If your Mapsource crashes or failed to start, edit the registry and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Garmin\MapSource\Products. Look for your mapset register and delete the offending section.

Creating Mapsets at Mapcenter2[edit]

You can also use Mapcenter2 to create your mapsets. Mapsets created at Mapcenter2 have two addition features - Find Name and Address Search.

  1. Prepare a mapset configuration file. You can refer to our sample.
  2. Login into your Mapcenter2 account
  3. Click Add new mapset(s)
  4. Fill in the blanks.