Creating a roundabout

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GPSMapedit has a new tool to create round polylines, making creating roundabouts a much easier task compare to previously.

  1. Click the dropdown button left of the Create Object Button. Select Polyline: Circle.
  2. Click the beginning of your roundabout
  3. Drag the mouse to control the circle. Click again when satisfied
  4. At the Select Type dialog, select Roundabout
  5. Once the roundabout is drawn, click the Select Objects button
  6. Double-click the roundabout to bring up its properties dialog
  7. Click the Routing tab and check the One way box
  8. Now click the Edit Nodes button
  9. Move your mouse on top one of the points, right-click
  10. Select Split Polyline to split the roundabout into two

Below are examples of valid roundabouts: