Defining routing parameters

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There are two main routing parameters to be defined.

  1. Speed limit - for calculation of "faster time"
  2. Route class - for routing priority and routing road selection

When you create a GPSMapedit polyline, its speed limit is set to 0 (5km/h) and class to 0 (residential street). These defaults have to be changed in order to make a decent routable map.

Manual editing of routing parameters

  1. Click the Select Objects button
  2. Double-click the road polyline. This will bring up its properties dialog
  3. Click the Routing tab
  4. Select the appropriate Speed Limit and Routing Class.
  5. You can also check other road parameters such as Toll Road, etc

Using GPSMapedit default

You can command GPSMapedit to set the routing parameters follow its default routing parameters. Select Tools -> Fix Routing Attributes for Roads.