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This Garmin GPS maps article is where you can find the answer to your quest for Garmin GPS maps of Areas other than Malaysia and Singapore.

If you cannot find a map in the above repositories, your next best bet is to do a Google Search. If this fails, it is likely that no map exists for the area that you are after.

Please do not post in the Malsingmap Forums asking for links to GPS maps if you have not checked these links here. Chances are, you will be pointed back to these links anyway!

FREE Garmin maps by Country

Country Web Link Comments
Argentina Proyecto Mapear Routable maps. Maps are excellent in coverage and detail.
Argentina & South America - ConoSur Free Argentina & South America Street Maps and Nautical Charts.
Australia Tracks4Australia Non-routable maps. Focus on non-metropolitan areas. Routable maps of Perth and Surrounds from KC.
GPSAustralia Non-routable maps.
Brazil Projeto TrackSource Free routable maps. Not in English.[1]
Cambodia Routable Cambodia map from Rotweiler.
Chile Proyecto Mapear Routable maps. Maps are excellent in coverage and detail.
Dominican Republic and Haiti La Hispaniola Garmin maps [2].
Europe Free Garmin Road Maps of Europe Free road maps of Europe(not all European countries and courtesy of Joern_Weber ). You will need to understand Russian in order to understand what the title means. The names of the maps are romanized though.
Greece Elsinga's Maps or alternate site Non-routable maps with topo info and detail streets. Setup file will create Mapsource mapset.
Hong Kong Hong Kong Open GPS Map Project Non-routable map.
Indonesia Freeware and shareware maps of Indonesia. Some routable, some not. Rotweiler's Bali Routable Ver. 3 (from the source....)
Japan Japan Map Non routable street-level map of central Japan covering Tokyo.
Netherlands OSM Netherlands Updated weekly on Thursdays. From OSM Map On Garmin wiki page [3].
New Zealand NZ Open GPS Maps Project Routable street-level map. [4]
Paraguay Proyecto Mapear Routable maps. Maps are excellent in coverage and detail.
Peru ViajerosMapas Routable maps. Updated regularly.
Philippine [5]/ph road guide Routable maps from the Philippine Mapping Community. Very detail Manila maps & POIs.
South Africa Free maps of South Africa, Isreal and Mediterranean sea by Le Roux Strydom Free Garmin maps of the areas mentioned. You can also find the same maps at Mapcenter too.
Thailand Routable map of North Thailand from KC.
United Kingdom Scottish Mountaineering Club Transparent contour topo maps for whole of UK.
OSM UK 4 Oct 2007 From OSM Map On Garmin wiki page [6].
United States GPSTravelMaps Las Vegas and NYC. [7][8]
Oregon Topo Maps Portland topo. [9]
DougsBrat Custom Maps Texas. [10]
Uruguay Proyecto Mapear Routable maps. Maps are excellent in coverage and detail.
Venezuela Proyecto mapas de Venezuela en GPS Routable maps. Not in English.[11].
World Base Map Free world routable base map Need to rename after downloaded, open using WinRAR/Winzip. Avoid auto-setup.

Garmin and other maps by Country

Country Web Link Comments
Carribean Carribean GPS Maps GPS maps of the Carribean region.
Mexico Bicimapas - Mexico Garmin, Magellan and possibly Lowrance GPS maps of Mexico. You may find article about how to create your own maps for Magellan and Lowrance GPSr too.
New Zealand Brent's New Zealand GPS Maps GPS Maps of New Zealand. Not free.

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