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There are multiple versions of Garmin Mobile XT or Garmin XT in short. This article is specific to the version for Symbian S60.


The Mobile XT is a GPS navigation program from Garmin for your Symbian S60 phones like the N73. It will only work with Garmin-format maps, and the best Garmin-compatible map for Malaysia and Singapore is our Malsingmaps (and this is free and downloadable from this site).

There are two versions of the Garmin Mobile XT for the Symbian S60:

  • The first type will only work with the Garmin GPS10 (with firmware update) and GPS10X BT receivers. It will NOT work with other non-Garmin Bluetooth or built-in receivers. This version is freely downloadable from Garmin (see next section).
  • The second type is sold (USD99 at latest) as a package with the program installed in a SD card. It can be used with the internal GPSr in phones such as the Nokia N95, E90 and N82 or any non-Garmin Bluetooth GPS receiver. Note that this version of the Mobile XT program is non-transferable and must be used in the SD card with which it was sold.

Where to get the program

You can get Garmin Mobile XT for Symbian S60 software version 4.10.40 as of September 19, 2007 here:


Garmin Mobile XT for Symbian S60 software version 4.10.60 (TAIWAN)

For Garmin Mobile XT for Symbian UIQ3.0 Ver. 4.10.20 as of Jul 11, 2007, it is available here:


Garmin Mobile XT for Symbian UIQ3.0 software version 4.10.60 (TAIWAN)

You need to download and install the Garmin Mobile XT Support Files Ver. 4.xx.xx as of Jul 11, 2007 which is available at

This is the file required for voice navigation and languages.


First connect your phone with the usb cable to the PC and set the phone into mass storage mode, or for older phones you can put the memory card in a card reader. Start the setup program you have downloaded and install the files into your memory card.

When the files have been transfered, go to your phone and using its file manager, look for the sis file appropriate to your symbian system and click on it to install. My Garmin folder for a Nokia N73 S60 system looks like this, after all the other unnecessary files have been deleted:

When you first start GMobileXT its best if you have the GPS10X already outside the window and acquiring sat for some time. Just click on the BT icon at the top left corner to connect to the GPS10X. If you do not get a fix, set New Location for where you are.

You will start off with Garmin's worldbase map, to get a more detailed map, download our GMAPSUPP.IMG from All-in-one gmapsupp for MobileXT section of this site, and put it in the Garmin folder of your memory card.

Using the GMobileXT

When you start the program you will be faced with a screen like this:

Click on Where To, then click on Food, Hotels... This is where you find all the POI's embedded in the maps.

Click on a poi and click Go! and a route will be calculated, and you are ready to navigate! I leave you to explore the other options and set your preferences.

Features and peculiarities specific to the symbian version

Why I cannot search for Addresses?

This is a common problem with the newer GPSRx of garmin, suffice to say the gurus here have think long and hard on this and have come out with a brilliant solution by embedding the road names in the POI's of the map(GMAPSUPP.IMG). So to search for road names go the POi section click Food,Hotels..and use Spell Name. In this example to search for Jalan Sungai Besi, click spell and type besi, and choose Sg Besi J and click on it to route. Another example, search for cameron and route to it.

Why should I use it?

This is the only software that can use the Malsingmaps in vector form, with voice guidance and auto routing. Auto re-routing too, which is just as important, as you can go wrong or choose deliberately to go another way and the software will soon re-calculate a new route for you. This software is obviously updated for the latest mobile devices with phone and internet functions, taking account of the smaller screens of such devices. For example one cool feature is this:

Do you know the POIs in malsingmaps have address and telephone numbers? You can call up the hotel and even check out the weather at the location.

Check weather at other locations:

You can assign a gps position to your contacts:

Address search or using the contact's address wont work for our maps, but the other 3 options: brouse map, current location and edit will work.

Contribution to Malsingmaps using GMXT

There are two ways to contribute tracks to Malsingmaps for Symbian S60 device. The first is to use to use GMXT tracking facility that can only give "most often" accuracy. The second method of using Nokia Sports Tracker "1sec" tracklog feature is much more preferred by our mappers.

Using GMXT "most often" tracklog

Get yourself ready with the following softwares

  • Garmin Mobile XT Symbian
  • Garmin Mapsource
  • Garmin GPS10x
  • user account
  • Malsingmap latest map
  • Board index Downloads & Uploads Official Malsing Maps GM-MySin Installer (Locked)

Download and execute to run the map installation (Make sure you had mapsource installed)


To draw a new road, we need to use GMXT tracking ability

1) Run Garmin Mobile XT, select tools

2) Select Manage My Data

3) Select Tracks

4) Select Options

5) Ensure every options are selected as shown in the figure

Recording interval - Most Often

6) Select back till back to main menu

7) Drive your car as slow as possible on the new road (Slowest the best, recommended, a bicycle)

8) After driving on the road, we back to tools

9) Select Manage My Data

10) Select Manage

11) Select export gpx

12) Export done

13) Use a card reader to connect your memory card with computer, execute mapsource

14) Select transfer,then received from device

15) Mapsource will locate your memory card garmin mobile xt and displayed

16) Select receive to start receiving

17) Back to mapsource main menu, select trackswill found tracks you had been travelled

18) Ensure tracks successfully imported into pc, select file, save as, to save your tracks file, the extension saved will be .gdb

19) It is recommended to print screen the map (new road) and label it. Upload the print screen with road name and .gdb file to malsingmaps

20) To malsingmaps forum Board index, Downloads & Uploads, Tracks, Waypoints & Feedbacks Select suitable category (area), go into feedback,or create a new post, upload the files, Upload attachment is where you upload your files

21) After posting, you will find there is a small note icon at the right of your post

Right click on the note icon, select copy shortcut, paste in notepadfor achieve. This is your post direct link address, please keep for future unlock code request purpose.

Using Nokia Sports Tracker "1sec" tracklog

Under construction Refer to forum thread Viewing Nokia Sports Tracker workout in Training Center for now. ;-)

Photos gallery

User impressions with N73+GPS10X

Battery: N73 started at 7pm in Navigation mode with full backlight on all the time, ends at 12pm(17hrs), The N73 has dropped 2 bars in battery and the GPS10X still showing green, so it looks as if a full days navigation is possible with this combination.

Multitasking: The Nokia N73ME has about 20Mb of free ram and Mobile XT will use about 8-9Mb of this during route navigation. -Phone, no problem in answering calls during navigation, the screen revert back after the phone call. -Other programs, smaller programs up to excel ok, GMXT will close if you open memory intensive java programs like Opera mini,the screen re-draw will be slow if you attempt to play mp3 with the N73ME's music player.

GPS10X performance: Battery life is very good, the claimed 22hr is possible. Starting from home is no problem as you can switch on before you open the gates etc, the problem is leaving an underground car park and driving straight away,in this case I have stopped at up to two traffic lights and yet not achieve lock, place the receiver at the windscreen to get the fastest fix. Once a lock is achieved however it locks on for dear life.

On road perfomance: is very good and no lag at all with the arrow prompts running well ahead, the voice prompts are generally good with only very infrequent sections where its just in time(perhaps i am a slow driver). Route calculation and re-calculation is fast and reliable.

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