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Malsingmaps Community[edit]

Using MSM maps on Mapsource & Mobile XT[edit]

Windows PCs and Mapsource[edit]

  1. MapSource
  2. Using MapSource
  3. Viewing maps using MapSource
  4. Where to get MapSource viewer
  5. Using routing in MapSource

Linux with Mapsource[edit]

  1. Installation in Debian/Ubuntu

Handphones / mobiles[edit]

  1. Garmin Mobile XT

Contributing to MSM Maps[edit]

  1. Contributing to Malsingmaps
  2. Malsingmaps error reporting

GPS Maps Other Than Malaysia and Singapore[edit]

  1. Where can I find GPS maps of Areas other than Malaysia and Singapore?
  2. Experiences with bringing and using your GPSr Overseas?

Tourist & Interesting POIs[edit]

  1. Waterfalls of Malaysia
  2. Nice Beaches of Malaysia
  3. Restaurants of Malaysia



  1. Glossary of common terms used on
  2. Why are there two different stats on number of users online?
  3. Why is the Malsingmaps website time different from my local time?
  4. The html tags you attempted to use are not allowed?
  5. Why are my private messages still in my outbox and not sent?
  6. Forum FAQ describing specifics of our phpBB forum.
  7. How to determine the identification number of each forum posting?


  1. How to use Mediawiki. The decision was made on 25 March 2006 to move our old Guiki wiki FAQ to here as discussed in our "Guiki, Wikka or Mediawiki for our FAQ?" forum thread.


  1. My company would like to use your map for commercial purposes
  2. My company would like to use your map for non-commercial purposes


  1. Does it come with a warranty?
  2. There is a problem with my Garmin GPSr. What should I do?
  3. I need to send my unit back to Garmin for repair. Who should I contact?
  4. Is there a warranty by that the use of its maps will not spoil the GPSr?


  1. Besides road navigation, how else can I use my GPSr?
  2. Geotagging your digital camera images
  3. Links to various GPS Software Archives
  4. Night Market coordinates
  5. Real-time traffic information