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Getting names of roads and POIs is the second most important task to improve our maps, other than providing tracks of unmapped roads. There are a number of ways to do this.

Jotting down

  • Mark a waypoint on the GPSr near the road signs or POIs.
  • When you turn and see a road sign, mark a waypoint, say its 001. Then you write or record "001 J Ah Kow". When you turn and see the next road name, mark another waypoint, then write/record "002 - J Ahmad". Similarly for POIs.
  • When you download your tracks and waypoints into Mapsource, you will see all your waypoints with 001, 002 etc (no description yet). You then click on waypoint 001, right-click -> Waypoint Properties. In the "Name" field at the very top, type "J Ah Kow" from your notes. Repeat for all waypoints that you marked.[1]
  • It helps to buy one of those clipboards, and use Excel to create a simple 2 column form "POI No" "Description".
  • Be careful when writing. It is best to stop the car and write, from a safety standpoint.
    • Pros: Cheap. Easy to do if you're not driving.
    • Cons: Usually quite dangerous while your are driving, unless it's a deserted residential road. Otherwise you have to memorize the name, pullover to the road-side and write.

Use voice recorder

  • Mark a waypoint on the GPSr near the road signs or POIs.
  • Use a voice recorder to record the WPT number and the road name associated with the WPT.
    • Pros: Safest approach when tracking a lot of residential and main streets.
    • Cons: Another gadget to purchase if you don't have a PDA, digital camera or phone that can record voice memo.

Use digital camera

  • Mark a waypoint on the GPSr near the road signs or POIs.
  • Snap a photo of related signboards to the roads or POIs.
    • Pros: One snap can get multiple names on a junction roads signs, or a row of shops.
    • Cons: May be difficult to while you are driving.

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