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What is "Mapsource"?

Simply put, Mapsource - Trip & Waypoint Manager (commonly known as "Mapsource") is a program CD provided by Garmin to facilitate the transfer of maps, waypoints, routes and tracks between your Garmin GPSr and your PC via serial or USB port. It is a Windows based program (Windows 98 or later) and is not MAC compatible. According to Garmin, this program can be used with nearly all Garmin GPSr other than the GPS100 family (GPS 100AVD, GPS 100MRN, GPS 100MIL, and SRVY II) and panel-mount aviation units. It is also not compatible with iQue.

"Mapsource" is a proprietary program packaged with a Garmin GPSr. After the program is installed, free updates to the program are available from Garmin International website mapping section or simply click on the "check for software updates" under "Help" menu of the Mapsource program. Besides the Mapsource program, the CD that comes with the Garmin GPSr also include an USB device drivers.

Other than the transfer of data between the GPSr and PC, "Mapsource" can also be used to create, view and edit waypoints, routes and tracks as well as to find items, addresses and POIs, if these are included in the map data.

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