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Essential Mapping Software

Our mapping software is primarily Windows-based. Although there is a Linux version of the cgpsmapper compiler, it is recommended to stick to Windows. Mac user, forget about it :) So get ready a Windows-based PC or laptop.


This is the primary application on which you draw your home-brew maps. GPSMapEdit is a front-end editing tool giving users a graphical interface when editing maps. The newer versions of GPSMapEdit allow users to generate routing data. GPSMapEdit can be downloaded from here. Go for the registered version if you intend to use Goole Earth images as mapping source. Otherwise, the freeware version will do.


cGPSmapper is the compiler which create a Garmin-readable map from the text-based polish format *.mp file created by GPSMapEdit or text editor. cgpsmapper can be downloaded from here. There are a few different versions of cGPSmapper:

  • The free Land version is good enough for basic maps.
  • The Personal version is needed if you want to compile your routable maps privately. You also have the alternative of using the free cgpsmapper compiler at Mapcenter2.

The cGPSmapper user manual contains very helpful references which explains in detail how the compiler works, input files expected, recommended settings etc.

Optional Software

Software Type & Usefulness Mapping Stage
EditPad Lite/Crimson Editor Text Editor - to edit map file, customisation spec and mapset preview spec All stages
genTYP User-friendly generator for TYP customisation Map Customisation
GPSBabel Converts to/from many waypoint and tracklog file format Data collection
GPX2IMG Automatically converts waypoints and tracklogs to basic Garmin Map Map Authoring & Compilation
Google Earth Convenient access to satellite images Data collection
Maproute Routing data generator - to generate routing data Routing process
MapsetToolkit To generate Mapsource mapset for basic maps Mapset Generation
Mapsource Garmin map display & Navigation - to organise waypoints & tracks. To view final map on PC Data collection
Mapsource Mapset Manager (M3) To generate Mapsource mapset for basic maps Mapset Generation
OziExplorer Geotag raster images, etc Data Collection