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Miscellaneous Operations[edit]

Multiple Selections[edit]

Learning how to make multiple selections with GPSMapedit will make certain tasks such as indexing objects easier. There are several methods of multiple selection.

  • Dragging the mouse in Select Objects mode over the area you want to select
  • Ctrl-A to select all objects
  • Using the Edit->Select->By Type option

Defining Irregular Map Shape[edit]

Most maps are rectangular in shape. With the right version of cgpsmapper, you can define any shape for your map for aesthetic reason. Malsingmaps' SG-R map is one example of map with irregular shape or boundary.


  1. Create a Map Coverage Area (0x4b) polygon. Shape it into the map shape you desire
  2. Click the Select Objects button, double-click on the polygon to open its properties
  3. Click the Extras tab
  4. Add Background=Y

Note: The freeware cgpsmapper version cannot support irregular shapes. All maps will be compiled to be in rectangular shape

Miscellaneous Issues[edit]

Turn Snap to Grid OFF[edit]

Loading and saving your map with Snap to Grid ON used to be a disaster for most map authors of detail road maps. Turning Snap to Grid on will move each map point to the nearest GPSMapedit grid point, causing straight diagonal roads to become crooked and curves to become out of shape.

Recent versions of GPSMapedit has a much small grid hence the effect of turnin Snap to Grid on is not so disastrous anymore. However, it is still recommended that you ensure that Snap to Grid is turned OFF before loading and saving your map.

The Snap to Grid option can be found at Tools->Option->Edit.

Set Position Format to Hddd.dddddd[edit]

To ensure that none of your coordinate points are modified due to truncations, set your position format to Hddd.dddddd. This is the native format of a .mp file.

Position format can be changed at Tools->Option->Units.

Positioning of POIs in relation to roads[edit]

  • If you are creating a basic map, you can place your POIs wherever you like.
  • If you are creating a routable map and want your map to guide you the the main entrance or parking entrance of the POI, place the POI near the location of its entrace. Leave a small space between the road and your POI.

Interpreting Tracks[edit]

Please read Interpreting Raw Tracks

Joining or Merging polylines[edit]

Please read Joining Polylines

Copying objects from another map[edit]

Please read Copying Objects from Other Maps