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The instructions here are extracted from one of Jaguar's instructions on how to create a final combined Gmapsupp.img file after receiving unlock codes. Some users do not wish to have one Gmapsupp.img for West Malaysia/SG and another Gmapsupp.img for Borneo.

Patching two GMAPSUPP.IMG together[edit]

  1. Download the and (or whatever new version) from here
  2. unzip these and rename them as gmapsupp1.img and gmapsupp2.img
  3. Use PatchIMG ( build25 ) and click on 'GetMap' button to get gmapsupp1.img and gmapsupp2.img
  4. Click the radio button to 'create gmapsupp.img'
  5. Click the radio button to key in 'Unlock key' <-- Many people miss this step !!!
  6. Key in the first 25 digit unlock key for GM-MySin. Click 'Add Key'
  7. Key in the second 25 digit unlock key for GM-Borneo.
  8. Click 'Add Key'. (Tip: It is better to copy and paste the 25 digit code from your PM to here to minimize typing mistakes during the keying-in process. )
  9. Click the button 'Patch & Send'.
  10. You should get a new gmapsupp.img (found in the last folder that you stored gmapsupp2.img)
  11. Copy this new personalized gmapsupp.img file into the \garmin folder of your SD card
  12. say 'thank you'. That's it. You don't need to put the UNL file beside the new gmapsupp.img file.

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Using Mapsource to create your own All-in-one GMAPSUPP.IMG[edit]

  1. Download and Install GM-Mysinv214.exe and GM-Borneov214.exe (or the latest versions, if available, from each particular download page)
  2. You will need to click on [Utilities][Unlock maps] and follow the instructions to key in your two 25 digit unlock codes.
  3. Download the M3 utility from here. Save and Install it.
  4. Download RoadPOIMaps into any folder on your computer. You should see THREE xxxxxxxx.img files.
  5. Download HDBCarParkEntrancePOIMap into any folder on your computer. You should see ONE 00001113.img file.
  6. Run the M3 utility.
  7. Click the 'New' button.
  8. Click the 'Select Maps' button to load in the 3 RoadPOI image files (namely: 60006666.img, 60016666.img and 60026666.img). Use CTRL-A to select all 3 files.
  9. Type in a Mapset Name as 'RoadPOI'.
  10. Click 'Create Mapset'. This will create a RoadPOI mapset that you can view in Mapsource. This step may take a while as the 3 files are large. Be patient.
  11. When completed, you go through the whole process again to load in the SG HDB carpark entrance POI (namely the 00001113.img file) into M3 and create a HDBPOI mapset for viewing in Mapsource.
  12. Close M3 utility and Run Mapsouce.
  13. At the top left hand corner of Mapsource, you should be able to see the following mapsets: GM-Malaysia/Singapore, GM-Borneo, HDBPOI and RoadPOI
  14. Click on each mapset one at a time and use the Map Tool key to select all the tiles within each mapset. You may have to zoom out fully (use the minus key).
  15. If you have selected correctly, you should see the word '13 maps' appear at the bottom left hand corner of your screen.
  16. You may wish to click on 'Map set Name' and key in your preferred name. eg. 'Myname v2.14'. Remember to untick the radio button for 'Autoname the mapset'
  17. Click the 'Send to Device' button. If you have your Nuvi connected (with a SD card inside), a little window will pop up asking if you wish to send the gmapsupp.img to your Nuvi memory or to the SD card. I recommend to select the SD card.
  18. Good luck. You now have a All-in-one GMAPSUPP.IMG that you can truly say that 'I generated this myself'. Give yourself a pat on your own back by bending backwards.  :)

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