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Road Type[edit]

Using the right type of polyline for the right kind of road will make your routable map more accurate and also make your authoring job easier.

Code Class Default Class/Speed Malsingmaps Use Zoom Level
0x0 Road - DON'T USE! -
0x1 Major Highway (6)110kph / (4)Major HW/Ramp Expressways & Federal Highways 4
0x2 Principal Highway (5)90kph / (3)Principal HW Federal trunk route (FT) 4
0x3 Other Highway (5)90kph / (2)Arterial Street/Oth HW Major state trunk roads 4
0x4 Arterial Road (4)80kph / (2)Arterial Street/Oth HW Minor state trunk roads & major city roads 3
0x5 Collector Road (3)60kph / (1)Roundabout/Collector Major roads connecting to dual-carriage arterials 3
0x6 Residential Street (3)60kph / (0)Residential Street/Alley Typical streets 2
0x7 Alleyway/Private Driveway (2)40kph / (0)Residential Street/Alley Internal roads within building complexes & backlanes 2
0x8 Highway Ramp, low speed (2)40kph / (4)Major HW/Ramp Highway exits with traffic light 3
0x9 Highway Ramp, high speed (4)80kph / (4)Major HW/Ramp Highway exits and connecting ramps 3
0xa Unpaved Road (2)40kph / (0)Residential Street/Alley Non-tarred roads 2
0xb Major Highway Connector (5)90kph / (4)Major HW/Ramp Not Used -
0xc Roundabout (3)60kph / (1)Roundabout/Collector Roundabout 3
0x14 Railroad Non-routable Railroad 3
0x16 Walkway/Trail (1)20kph / (0)Residential Street/Alley MTB,4x4,jogging, jungle trails 2


There are 3 major road classifications in the JKR road maps.

  • Thick Green colour - These are toll expressways always denoted by E followed by a number. They are called Expressway or Highway denoted by E5, E2, E7 and so on. These highways are under the jurisdiction of Malaysian Highway Authority.
  • Thick Red colour - These are Federal Roads or usually refered to as Federal Routes. They could also be refered to as FT (Federal Trunk). They are indicated by a single number in the hexagon on yellow background on signboards and road sides. Federal Highway through PJ stands by that well known name. But it is actually part of Federal Route 2 which goes all the way to Pahang. Federal Routes are under the jurisdiction of Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia.
  • Thin Red Colour - These are minor Federal Roads. They are usually not assigned a route number.
  • Thick Blue colour - These are main States roads. They are maintained by the States government through the respective Jabatan Kerja Raya Negeri. They are always indicated by a letter followed by a number. The letter follow the JPJ schema of indicating states name. C10, C137, C24 are all Pahang state roads. B20, B15, B8 are all Selangor state roads and so on.
  • Thin Blue colour - These are minor State roads. Usually they are given a state route number.

Beside the abovementioned major and minor roads, there are other roads that serve the general motorists.

  • Private roads - Some major private entities might go to the extent of building their own roads to strategically enhance their business. Some of these can be quite big that the general public do not realise that they are private roads.
  • Local authority roads - These are roads that belong to the Dewan Bandaraya and Majlis Perbandaran.
  • Felda roads - Felda built there own roads to serve their needs in serving the settlers and for transportation of their produce.
  • Jalan Kampong - Just as the name suggest, these are roads built to serve kampong folks. These roads could be basic ones that may not be up to the technical standards requirements.

POI Type[edit]

Using the right POI type allows your POIs to be searchable and categorised into the right category. Our Malsingmaps POI Standard contains descriptions on each POI type and suggestions on how to name and use them.

Complete Reference[edit]

Appendix 11.3 of the cGPSmapper user manual lists the complete list of all object types.