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GPS vs GPSr[edit]

A GPS cost millions, if not billions, to set up. It is make up of 24 satelites orbiting 12,000 miles above the Mother Earth.

For more information, the recommended reading material is here http://www.garmin.com/aboutGPS/

If you are talking about GPSr, with the "r" meaning receiver, then it makes a hell lot of sense here. Because the receiver is needed to calculate our position. And it is affordable to the man in the street. Not the GPS. Imagine the chaos if we could launch and setup our own GPS. Probably enough to block the sun. -- Ace 15:36, 4 April 2006 (MYT)

Moved article to How much is a GPSr? ;-} --Sabre23t 00:54, 4 April 2006 (MYT)

Wikitable content of How much is a GPSr[edit]

I've moved the content of How much is a GPSr over here, and will make that a #REDIRECT to here. I haven't edited this article to include the following earlier contents...

  • A Garmin 60Cx sells for about RM2,400 in KL, SD700 in Singapore (comes to about RM1,700) and USD370 online, delivered to a US address (Amazon, GPSCity, etc).
  • A Garmin 60CSx can be had for RM2600 in KL (July 2006). A 76CSx is around RM200 more. This is over the counter price with local one year warranty.
  • A BT GPSr such as Holux 236, Globalsat BT 338 is priced around RM400 online excluding shipping.
  • Price Comparison
    • (Singapore, Sim Lim Square - 5 Aug 06)
    • Perfect Watch (#01-36) : Garmin 60Cx=S$785, 60CSx=S$827
    • STS Comms (#03-07) : Garmin 60Cx=S$686, 60CSx=S$762
      • All prices correct at the time of asking, and is not a guarantee that these will be honoured by the respective shops.

--Sabre23t 10:36, 13 October 2006 (MYT)


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