Using Malsing maps on Nokia series 60 phones with SmartComGPS

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This page summarises the steps required for the usage of Malsing maps with the SmartComGPS program from Wild-Mobile. The SmartComGPS program enables GPS usage on selected Symbian devices.

Update: This page was created when there was no other way to use the malsing maps in a nokia symbian phone. If you are after navigation now please go straight to the Garmin MobileXT section.

What you need

  1. GPSMapEdit (conversion program 1) from
  2. OGF2tool (conversion program 2) included with SmartComGPS (
  3. Our Malsing maps in Garmin IMG format

Conversion steps

  1. Convert IMG map to BMP and MAP files with GPSMapEdit
    1. The unregistered version is enough for normal usage
    2. Open up the img with GPSMapEdit
    3. Use the Trim tool to mark your required area
    4. Right-click 'Trim outside'
    5. Set resolution at 100m
    6. Set level at Level 0
    7. Goto Tools -> Convert Labels -> Capitalize all words for less clutter
    8. Goto File -> Export -> OziExplorer Map
    9. Within the options, there is a setting called 'Set whole map'. Click on that.
    10. Click Finish to begin the conversion process
  2. If the resultant bmp file is over 1GB in size, you may want to convert it to GIF format to reduce the file size to below 640MB
  3. Convert BMP/GIF file to OGF2 with OGF2tool
    1. Use default settings on OGF2tool
  4. Copy OGF2 and MAP files to your cellphone
    1. Both OGF2 and MAP files go into the /SmartComGPS/Map/ directory
    2. It is recommended that OGF2 and MAP files go into the memory card instead of the main device memory as their memory consumption can be relatively significant


Example screenshot of Malsing maps on Nokia N70 as done by adaptg.


  1. Maps are non-routable.
  2. Waypoints are not automatically entered into the database. Thus locations are not searchable by name.


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