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(Current version GPSProxy 2.2c)
(See also: GPSGate)
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* [[Recommended GPSProxy for various PocketPCs]]
* [[Recommended GPSProxy for various PocketPCs]]
* [[Wsian's modified GPSProxy older versions]] if you really need to check on those old ones.
* [[Wsian's modified GPSProxy older versions]] if you really need to check on those old ones.
* [[GPSGate]] shareware alternative software to GPSProxy.

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Wsian has regularly modified Andrew Klopper's GPSProxy to include the following features:

  1. Track logging at 1 sec interval.
  2. Disable suspend mode when gpsproxy running.
  3. Permanent backlight on option when gpsproxy running (activate when Start button is pressed).
  4. Easy access screen rotate for WM2003SE / WM5.

The current version 2.2c now includes GPSID, allowing usage of GPSProxy with our Malsingmaps locked maps.

Current version GPSProxy 2.2c

Announced and available for download from forum thread GPSProxy 2.2c with GPSID that includes the following three variations:

  1. GPSProxy22c_Normal.zip [314.06 KB] - Similar to original GPSProxy 2.2 with additional tracklog / permanent screen on features. Most user should use this. [1]
  2. GPSProxy22c_Auto_turn_on_MSBT.zip [359.48 KB] - For WM devices using Microsoft bluetooth driver. Auto turn BT when gpsproxy starts and turn off BT when exit. Will not work for WM devices using Broadcom bluetooth drivers. [2]
  3. GPSproxy22c2.zip [329.69 KB] - For ASUS devices or pda with baud rate (UART error) issue. Not for WM2003/SE or below. [3]

Note: For iPaq 4150 users, use wsian's GPSProxy 2.2a

First, download one of the above GPSProxy 2.2c variations appropriate to your device.
Second, please install the original version of GPSProxy 2.2 (25-May-2006) from http://sourceforge.net/projects/gpsproxy/.
Third, then please copy the following files from the GPSProxy 2.2c you downloaded and overwrite the same files from the original version. Please note the filenames, do not copy the entire folder contents.


Activating Tracklog Recording in GPSProxy 2.2c

  1. From the Menu, Go to 'Extensions'
  2. Inside the 'Extensions:' box, click on 'GPS Fix Info' then click the 'Configure' button
  3. Check the 'Tracklog Recording' box, click 'OK'

Now, once you click the gpsproxy 'START', the tracks will automatically be recorded into

 \Program Files\GPSProxy\Extensions\  Folder in *.plt format

To convert *.plt tracklogs to other formats you can use G7toWin

Common questions

  1. I have the old version 2.2a installed and running okay. Do I need to uninstall it first before installing 2.2c?
    Nope, just overwrite the file in your ppc with the new one. [4]
  2. I have installed GPSProxy 2.2c on my Asus PDA, but when i viewed the About screen it shows empty GPSID.
    Use the GPSPRoxy 2.2c2 version that is specific for Asus PDA. [5][6]

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