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12 Feb 2018 - MSM 2017 NT v8.03 released. Download link here...

13 Feb 2018 - MSM 2017 NT v8.03 for Mapsource released. Download link here...

Welcome to Malsingmaps.com!

Welcome to the largest community mapping group in the world! Malsingmaps has over the years set the benchmark for collaborative map making which is fully powered by its members and users. Wholly made by the community for the community. And best of all, everything is free to download!

Be a part of this amazing non-profit group of people who share the common passion to make the GPS maps of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei better and better since year 2002. And if you are just a casual user, you are most welcome too, so please enjoy the maps that the community of malsingmaps is constantly building and improving for everyone to use, free of charge.

If you need further enquiry and support, please email us at support@malsingmaps.com.

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