CarPC with SirfIII GPS mouse and Nroute

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This is a brief summary of RS200Z forum post on 8 Jul 2006.

Pictures of RS200Z CarPC setup[edit]

Selected pictures from the post.

  1. Main nRoute screen with additional icons on right and bottom edges
  2. Main screen with main menu
  3. Second screen with "Pink" and album cover art showing
  4. GPS find menu


  1. VIA mini-ITX motherboard and an intelligent DC-DC PSU and the Road Runner frontend
  2. Trimmed down WinXP Pro installation around 400+ MB (less than typical 1.5GB-2GB installation)
  3. SirfIII GPS Mouse via USB connection
  4. nRoute GPS navigation software
  5. use GPSGATE2 ... did not use com0com and gpsproxypc [1]
  6. specifications based on information from

Other similar CarPC with GPS setup[edit]


Muzz uses[2]:

  • nRoute or RoadRunner


Similar setup by philcuore uses [3]

  • The Holux 236
  • nRoute V2.61
  • Mapsource V6.5 (Original) with City Navigator North America V7
  • com0com (didn't finally use)
  • GPSProxyPC-1.16-Setup (didn't finally use)
  • use GPSGATE2.0 (dind't use com0com and gpsproxypc) [4]

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