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Originally reviewed by Y Chung on 24 Mar 2006 in Reviews module [1].

Currently, all Nuvi models have problem searching for addresses of our maps.




This is an extremely small and compact GPS unit, about 1.5 cm thick and has a 3-inch LCD display which I felt was more than adequate for navigation purposes. Battery life was about 5 hours on a full charge and it can be even extended if you don't use the highest lighting mode. Most of the time, I just use it at half-strength which is plenty brightness already.

It is the smallest and slickest unit that I found on the market. Definitely dies not feel like a brick on your dashboard unlike some other Garmin units out there. It's also nice matte chrome with a sensitive touch screen so this means no awkward buttons protruding out.

I bought the unit for just over 700 USD online in the US as a birthday present for my husband. Turns out we are using it all the time when we go on long trips. It has served us well in Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Toronto, Canada.

The new SiRF technology, which is really neat, allows for quick recalculations and satellite signals compared to all other Garmin models. You can even get signals if you are in a covered car park. Of course, please understand that signals will be obliterated in an underground facility.

64 kb colour display and 320 x 240 pixels is more than adequate for navigation. Everything comes out bright crisp and clear even during a bright day. It is also idiot proof, meaning its really easy to use. Cannot go wrong with this. The voice commands telling specifically which street to turn into is just fantastic. Rather than "turn left in 200 m", it will say turn left into Orchard Road in 200 m. That is just cool.

I have not used it in Spore & Msia but I think since it worked so well in the US, no reason why it won't do the same in Spore & Msia. Additional perks include an MP3 player which can play songs even as it is navigating. The sound quality is ok lah but you can't expect much from teeny speakers in such a teeny unit in the first place. Still it does a decent job.

Best thing is still the size. When I get out of my car and feel that it is not safe to leave the GPS unit in view in the car, I can just pop it out of the holder and slip it into my coat pocket. I really love this unit and feel its money well spent. It was retailing for close to 1000 USD last X'mas but prices have fallen significantly to about 700 USD. This has been my best investment since my laptop and my IPOD. Read the reviews on if still not convinced. Its a pricier unit that the other small Garmins out there but it certainly does the job well and looks good to boot. Hope that all helps.


  • Small and light


  • Unable to search by address

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