Garmin StreetPilot C340

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Originally reviewed by Ivan Ong on 19 Oct 2005 in Reviews module [1].


Hi Guys , just managed to get my hands on my Boss's C340 (am using a C320 myself). This device very similar to C320. Features that differ are the Road naming voice prompt. In the C320/C330 they all use distance (200m or so) . In the C340 the system says "Turn left at Haig road". This can be a plus in most cases but what if road re-routed or closed. The C340 however has a switch back method in which if you want distance you can change the language to use British English and the distance to turn convention will be used. Also though not indicated in the GARMIN SPecs - i beleive the resolution (or maybe Video ram) is better/more. Seems to draw the maps with more roads displayed(when zoomed out)-could be psycological, also Colors used compared to the C320 also more bright/Colorful - Added feature is Traffic input capability (but only in US - good if you need to drive in the USA) The set tested has US maps hardcoded inside. - Overall good stuff over the C320 (if you can afford it) Just feels better. Hmmm.

Further review[edit]

by Ivan Ong on 9 Nov 2005

Just to followup on the above review. Have managed to put the C320 & C340 side by side in my car & run it. Hmmm, Have notice the 340 has much better color coordination for better visibility. Also has a 3D touch to the map roads in the TRACKUP round line drawings. Also has a Chequered flag at the destination even before arrival (highlighting the end point clearly) The Turn arrows are finer but yet clearer due to the colors used. The Auxillary roads drawn on the screen are also drwan with a thicker / Darker line. Unlike the C320 Aux road lines drawn on screen abit silvery , hence quite hard to be seen when driving. Have noticed something very interesting with the C340 compared to the C320. When routing the maps changes scale by itself to show complicated roads more clearly by zooming in automatically. This differes from C320 when set at 500m will remain as so. The Voice commands of the C340 tend to truncate slightly but still understandable. I think the biggest plus the C340 has over the C320 is the graphics. As for the Firmware seems to be abit outdated as the C340 still using 2.10+ firmware (maybe diff firmware range as c320) . Oh Yah, the C340 has a much cooler looking color to it than the C320 that could be just worth the while for those driving very well color coordinated cars (Black & M/Silver face) . Just thought you guys who is about to commit on a C320/C340 might want to know. Cheers Ivanong

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