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There are multiple versions of Garmin Mobile XT or Garmin MXT in short. This article is specific to the version for Windows Mobile.


The Garmin MXT is a freely down-loadable gps navigation program for your Windows Mobile PPC. It will ONLY work with the Garmin GPS10 (with firmware update) and GPS10X BT receiver. It will also only work with Garmin maps, and the best Garmin compatible map for Malaysia and Singapore is our Malsingmaps (and this is free and down-loadable from this site).

Garmin now sells a special Garmin MXT version that is locked to an SD card and can run using non-Garmin built-in GPSr.[1]

Where to get the software[edit]

You can get the program at Garmin's website.

  1. Garmin Mobile XT for Windows Mobile software version 4.20.50w as of April 29, 2008
  2. Garmin Mobile XT Free Basemap software version 4.xx.xx as of April 19, 2007
  3. Garmin Mobile XT Support Files software version 4.xx.xx as of July 11, 2007

Where can I install the software[edit]

Garmin Mobile XT installation from the PC will install the installation for the core software and resources required by the software. This is why you can install the software into a Storage Card via a card reader (not directly to your Windows Mobile device). After the PC installation is completed, the destination you chose during PC installation will become the Windows Mobile installation source. If you installed it into a Storage Card, when you insert the Storage Card into any Windows Mobile devices, it will start the installation of the core software into the main memory of the device (about 8MB).

So, in another word, if your device ran out of battery, just remove your Storage Card and insert it into your friend's Windows Mobile device. You can then use Garmin Mobile XT from your friend's device. Well... that if, you friend is also using a Windows Mobile device.

To install Garmin Mobile XT into the main memory[edit]

  • Connect your PPC using ActiveSync (Windows XP/2000) or Windows Mobile Device Center (Windows Vista) via bluetooth or USB
  • Follow the instruction in How to install the software section

To install Garmin Mobile XT into a storage card[edit]

How to install the software[edit]

  1. Run each of the installation files (Windows Mobile software, Free Basemap and Support Files) you have downloaded from Where to get the software section. With each installation files, you will be displayed with the following installation screen. GarminInstallScr.jpg
  2. It is recommended that you install the software into either Removable Drive (memory card in a card reader) or Windows Mobile Memory Card. Unless you have O2 Atom Life (1GB rom) or O2 Flame (2GB rom), then you can install the software into Windows Mobile.
  3. After you have chosen the destination, the Install button will be enabled. Click it to begin installation.
  4. With each successful installation, you will prompted to install or start the software in your Windows Mobile device. It is advised that you choose "Yes" for installation and "No" for starting up the software (unless you have installed all 3 installations).
  5. Repeat from step #1 until you finished installing all 3 software packages.
  6. If you installed the softwares into a memory card (via a card reader), insert the memory card into your Windows Mobile device. It will ask you for installation permission. If the software is already installed, it will ask you whether you wanted to start the software. Choose "Yes" for installation.
  7. You have now successfully installed Garmin Mobile XT on your Windows Mobile device.

Compressing Garmin Mobile XT[edit]

Garmin Mobile XT core software(8MB) will always be installed into the device's main memory. To reduce the size of the core software, we can safely compress the files located in the Garmin folder of our device's main memory. Please download ZSqueezer to compress the files. Instruction on how to compress files(Readme.txt) can be found the in the file.

After compressing the files, we will need to delete the "2577" folder located in the memory card to avoid Garmin Mobile XT asking to reinstall itself everytime the memory card is inserted into our device.

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