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Welcome to the MalSingMaps Community Wiki. Everyone is free to add information, cross-references or citations, as long as they do so within MalSingMaps's editing policies and to an appropriate standard.

This wiki is broken up into different sections.

  • A Newbie Guide to GPS
  • What sort of GPS units should I buy?
  • How to use your GPSr
  • Advanced GPS Functionality
  • Reviews of GPS units and acessories
  • Interesting POIs
  • MalSingMaps Community
  • Others

A Newbie's Guide to GPS

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. Its main purpose is to allow any user holding a GPS receiver (GPSr) to determine his location, speed and direction.

For Newbies who have only just heard of GPS, this is a good read.

You can start by first selecting what kind of newbie you are:

  1. Newbies with a non-Garmin GPSr and want to use our Malsingmaps
  2. Newbies with PDA and BT GPSr and want to setup Garmin Que and GPSProxy
  3. Newbies with handheld Garmin GPSr who are our main target users
  4. Newbies with Garmin Streetpilot or Nuvi GPSr and don't have Mapsource, don't want to mess with PatchIMG, just want to use our Malsingmaps
  5. Newbies without any GPSr and want to use our Malsingmaps on PC/laptop/PDA
  6. Newbies initial posting asking for assistance... Pitfalls. A MUST READ

What sort of GPS unit and accessories should I buy

Choosing your GPSr

  1. Which GPSr model
  2. Garmin GPS vs Standalone BT GPS
  3. Garmin GPS vs PDA Integrated GPS
  4. Garmin GPS vs other GPS brand (Magellan, Lowrance, etc.)
  5. How much is a GPSr?
  6. Where to buy a GPS
  7. Ordering online
  8. Does the BaseMap matter?
  9. Do I need to pay for the GPS service?

GPSr accessories

  1. Alkaline vs Rechargeables
  2. Rechargeables - Which type?
  3. Rechargeables - Which brand?
  4. Rechargeables - Fast chargers vs Slow chargers
  5. Do I need an external antenna?
  6. Where to buy?
  7. GPS Mounts
  8. What other GPS accessories should I consider?

How to use your Garmin GPSr

Map Uploading

  1. Using MapSource
  2. Using PatchIMG
  3. Using IMG2GPS
  4. Map uploading via serial cable
  5. Quick and Dirty Guide for the Simple People


  1. Searching for Addresses
  2. Searching for Intersections
  3. Searching for Points of Interests
  4. Using Select Map


  1. Autorouting - How to get from A to B
  2. Autorouting - How come the routing shows a longer way?
  3. Autorouting - Routing follows a straight line
  4. Autorouting - Routing keeps recalculating
  5. Autorouting - Why does my GPSr sometimes show that I am on the other side of the road?

Other GPSr features

  1. Guidance Text
  2. Proximity Alerts - use them to mark speedtrap zones?
  3. Proximity Alerts - X Series
  4. Downloading speedtrap files from surinder
  5. Downloading Redlight camera and ERP Gantry files from carlover
  6. PC does not recognise your Garmin GPSr
  7. Custom POI Icons
  8. Using maps with custom types
  9. Can I zoom in/out & see other parts of the world on a GPS?
  10. GPSr screen capture / customizing your startup screen
  11. 60/76 CSx Adding new Custom POI with POI Loader without overwriting current one

Using Maps Other Than Malaysia and Singapore

  1. Where can I find GPS maps of Areas other than Malaysia and Singapore?
  2. Experiences with bringing and using your GPSr Overseas?

Using MalsingMaps on other devices

Windows PCs

  1. MapSource
  2. Viewing maps using MapSource
  3. Where to get MapSource viewer
  4. Using routing in MapSource
  5. Adding new maps to Mapsource
  6. Using nRoute
  7. Using nRoute with non-Garmin bluetooth GPS receiver on a laptop
  8. Viewing IMG maps without Garmin software

Windows Mobile and PocketPC PDAs

  1. PocketPC Setup Guide to use Malsing maps
  2. All about GPSProxy - with concept diagrams, options and settings descriptions.
  3. Recommended GPSProxy for various PocketPCs - including members working settings.
  4. Step by Step Guide for collecting tracks using GPSProxy and Que - where you can contribute to malsingmaps, with more info in Tracking section.
  5. Wsian's modified GPSProxy versions - for high quality 1sec tracklogs from PPC.
  6. How do I enable the Interface page in Que?
  7. Questions on using Garmin Que including links to must read Garmin Que Manuals
  8. Viewing IMG maps without Garmin software

Palm OS PDAs

  1. PalmOS Setup Guide to use Malsing maps
  2. Step by Step Guide for collecting tracks using Cetus GPS for PalmOS PDA
  3. PalmOS Que Compatibility List

Symbian Handphones

  1. Using Malsing maps on Nokia series 60 phones with SmartComGPS
  2. Garmin XT current versions
  3. Garmin XT for Symbian UIQ3
  4. Garmin XT for Symbian S60

Handphones supporting Java Midlets

  1. Trekbuddy

Built-in Car Navigation Devices

  1. European Cars
  2. Japanese Cars
  3. Nissan Cars
  4. Kenwood Garmin Compatible GPSr
  5. Others In car GPSr choices

Advanced GPS Functionality


See also Category:Tracking .

  1. How to track
  2. What Tracks are Useful
  3. Recommended Track Log Settings - Please Read
  4. Saved Log vs Active Log
  5. Jotting down roadnames and POIs
  6. What are POI
  7. Downloading Tracks to your PC
  8. What information can I get from Raw Tracks?
  9. Labelling your tracks and POIs
  10. Submitting your tracks and POIS
  11. Dealing with BH on tracking
  12. If you don't have a tracklog capable GPSr, you can also trace tracks using Google Earth and some free tools.

Creating your own maps

See also Category:Mapping .

  1. Creating Your Own GPS Map - The Basics and Mapping Overview
  2. Common Newbie Mapper Questions
  3. Mapping Software and Mapping Toolkit
  4. Building The Map
  5. Mapping with Google Earth
  6. Compiling The Map
  7. Advanced Mapping Matters
  8. Mapcenter/cGPSmapper


See also Category:Reviews .

Garmin GPSr

Includes Garmin GPSr for handheld/outdoor (such as 60CS and 60CSx), and automotive (such as Nuvi and Streetpilots)

  1. Garmin GPSMAP 60C by nickname47 on 7 May 2005
  2. Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx
  3. Garmin StreetPilot III by StreetPilotIII on 10 July 2006
  4. Garmin StreetPilot C320 by Ivan Ong on 5 Oct 2005
  5. Garmin StreetPilot C340 by Ivan Ong on 19 Oct 2005
  6. Garmin Handhelds vs GPS-enabled PPCs – a Comparison by Logos on 31 Oct 2005
  7. Garmin Nuvi 350 by Y Chung on 24 Mar 2006
  8. Garmin Forerunner 205 by ckutu on 31st Aug 2006 (Merdeka!)

Other GPSr

  1. CarPC with SirfIII GPS mouse and Nroute by RS200Z on 8 Jul 2006
  2. CarPC 2DIN with SirfIII Holux236 and Nroute by Philcuore on 18 Sept 2006
  3. In car GPSr choices

Software and Accessories

  1. Re-radiating Antenna by pc-mobile by alex on 21 Feb 2005
  2. Re-radiating Antenna GART3B by pc-mobile by specat on 13 Apr 2005
  3. ArcPad by shockwave on 17 Jun 2006
  4. NMEA over USB
  5. Navitel Navigator 2 by Antyong 27 Aug 2006
  6. Gilsson External Antenna

Uses for GPS

Tourist & Interesting POIs

One of the common uses of GPS is to locate interesting points of interest. Here are several links to places in Malaysia.

  1. Waterfalls of Malaysia
  2. Nice Beaches of Malaysia
  3. Restaurants of Malaysia

For more points, refer to the forums postings "[1]" here.


Benchmarking is a sport in which participants individually go out and find benchmarks (also known as geodetic control points).

Refer to this page on Benchmarking

Commercial Uses

  1. AVLS

Malsingmaps Community



  1. Glossary of common terms used on
  2. Why are there two different stats on number of users online?
  3. Why is the Malsingmaps website time different from my local time?
  4. The html tags you attempted to use are not allowed?
  5. Why are my private messages still in my outbox and not sent?
  6. Forum FAQ describing specifics of our phpBB forum.
  7. How to determine the identification number of each forum posting?


  1. How to use Mediawiki. The decision was made on 25 March 2006 to move our old Guiki wiki FAQ to here as discussed in our "Guiki, Wikka or Mediawiki for our FAQ?" forum thread.


  1. My company would like to use your map for commercial purposes
  2. My company would like to use your map for non-commercial purposes


  1. Does it come with a warranty?
  2. There is a problem with my Garmin GPSr. What should I do?
  3. I need to send my unit back to Garmin for repair. Who should I contact?
  4. Is there a warranty by that the use of its maps will not spoil the GPSr?


  1. Besides road navigation, how else can I use my GPSr?
  2. Geotagging your digital camera images
  3. Links to various GPS Software Archives
  4. Night Market coordinates
  5. Real-time traffic information
  6. Can I map restricted areas such as military camps?

Work in Progress (Do not disturb)

  1. Welcome to HELL
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