Step by Step Guide for collecting tracks using Cetus GPS for PalmOS PDA

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For tracking on PalmOS, please use Cetus GPS (



  • Upon installing the Cetus GPS program, run it on your PDA.

Configure preferences

  • Configure the preferences so that it can communicate with your GPSr (i.e Garmin GPS10)

image:gpsprefs.jpg image:palmprefs.jpg

  • If configured properly, you will be able to see the 3D fix on your PDA.

image:3dfix.jpg image:satpage.jpg


  • To track, click on the menu 'Page' and select 'Track'. You will see the screen below. Click on the 'Start' button. You will see the next screen.

image:track.jpg image:starttrack.jpg

  • Select the appropriate time interval. Every 1 second is the best but this may not be feasible if you have limited free memory on your PDA. At every one second as your setting, 1 minute of tracking will produce a 1.4kb pdb file. Click on OK and your PDA will start to track at the interval specified. You can start moving now to record your tracks.

image:selecttracktime.jpg image:recordtrack1.jpg

Transfer to PC

  • Once done, click on 'Stop'. This will create a .pdb file of the track in the RAM. Copy this file to SD card using a File Manager such as FileZ. Using a card reader, transfer it to PC.

image:copy.jpg image:copy2.jpg

Convert PDB to GDB

image:gpsbabel.jpg image:gpsbabel-success.jpg

View/edit in MapSource

  • Then load the tracks to MapSource, to view it.


  • Once you are happy with the tracks, upload them to MalSingMaps so that the sifus can incorporate them into the maps.

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