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The preferred way of recording tracklogs on PDA that use Garmin Que with GPSProxy, is to make use of Wsian's modified GPSProxy versions that allows one second tracklogs which is very much preferred by mappers. This article describe step by step how to use GPSProxy to record tracklogs.

If you have to collect tracks with only Garmin Que, the tracklogs will be less useful since it records only every 3 to 20 seconds apart, but still useable by mappers it there are no other tracks in that area.



This step by step guide assumes a few things (updated as of 20 August 2006):

  1. That your Garmin Que setup with your BT GPSr is up and running using Andrew Klopper's GPSProxy.
  2. You are now using one of Wsian's modified GPSProxy versions (GPSProxy version 1.15d, 1.16b or 2.22a) that has "tracklog" option (unmodified Andrew Klopper's GPSProxy does not have said option).
  3. That you know how to use ActiveSync for your PDA with your PC/Laptop
  4. You have GPSMapEdit or G7toWin software installed on your PC/Laptop.
  5. Preferably you have Mapsource software installed. If not, don't worry about it.
  6. You are using Windows XP.


You can now look forward to contributing in this effort to promote the use of GPS to the wider community. How to do that? Read on ...

Precheck your PDA

  1. Start up one of Wsian's modified GPSProxy versions.
  2. For GPSProxy version earlier than GPSProxy2.2a & 2.2c - To activate track logging, in the GPS tab, you will notice the word "Track Log" with a square box beside it. Make sure that it is ticked. Exit and restart GPSProxy.
  3. For GPSProxy v2.2a and 2.2c, activate/tick the tracklog option in Menu->Extensions->GPS Fix Info -> "Configure" ->Tracklog Recording. Exit and restart GPSProxy.
  4. What happen if the box is not ticked? Nothing (no tracks logged).
  5. Must Que be running with GPSProxy? No. The logging in the Tracklog.plt file is independent of Que.

Ready to track?

You are all psych up and garang to go? Yes? Good ...

  1. Power up your BT GPSr and PDA, and Start GPSProxy (Load and click Start!)Go for a drive with your gadgets. Don't forget to get roadnames and POIs while you track.
  2. If you want to be sure that it's recording your track, open your file explorer in your PDA, view the \Program Files\GPSProxy\Extentions\Tracklog*.plt file, it should increase in size of e.g. 0.1Kb every second. (You can calculate from this how much disk space is needed for the time needed to complete your tracklog)
  3. Click "stop" in GPS Proxy when you're done recording your track.
  4. Come back and you now want to upload your tracklog file.

Download tracks to your PC

  1. Set your PDA to activesyn with your PC/Laptop
  2. Locate the tracklog.plt file (The tracklog*.plt file is located in the directory where you install the GPSProxy (e.g. \Program Files\GPSProxy\Extentions\tracklog*.plt). Empty tracklog file size is about 130 bytes)
  3. Copy the tracklog file to your PC/Laptop. Your can put it anywhere, e.g. desktop, file directory, etc.
  4. Start up GPSMapEdit (current version as of 20th August 2006 is or G7toWin.
  5. Click on File, select "Open" in the drop down menu.
  6. In the "Files of type:", select "OziExplorer track (*.plt). You should see the Tracklog file.
  7. Click to open the tracklog file. If your tracklog file is working fine, you should see your track in red colour on a white background with grids. [1]
  8. Select File, Export, Attached waypoints/tracks/routes in that order
  9. In the drop down menu, select either:
    1. Garmin GPS database (*.gdb)
    2. Garmin Mapsource file (*.mps)
    3. GPS eXchange format (*.gpx)
  10. Give the file a name, and hit "Save"
  11. Login to
  12. Go to the feedback thread for the area of the track...See list here [2]
  13. Compose a message.
  14. Attach your file to the post. This can be done via the "Upload Attachment" section located just below the message window. And please send a Private Message (PM) to the mapper of the locality, so that he can pick it up for a Quality Assurance (QA) check before incorporating your tracks into the Work-In-Progress (WIP) maps.
  15. Thank you for your contribution.

General FAQ on Que with BT GPSr and Wsian's modified GPSProxy

What are the available Wsian's modified GPSProxy versions?

See Wsian's modified GPSProxy versions.

Can I edit the Tracklog.plt file?

Yes. The tracklog file is a quasi Oziexplorer format. It can be edited using WordPad.

Can I see the tracks in a map?

Yes. You can download the map of your area from the Download section and open it after you opened the tracklog file. Not before.

What happen if I don't tick the Tracklog file in the GPS tab in GPSProxy?

Nothing. One big KOSONG for your contribution. You just wasted some expensive petrol. If you are tracking a particular area, you would just have to do a rework.

How much log can I save in the Tracklog file?

A lot. At this point in time, nobody has reported breaching the limit. But generally, if your tracklog file is huge, opening it in GPSMapEdit is going to take quite a while. You may want to make a cup of coffee while waiting.

Must Que be running with GPSProxy in order to gather tracks?

No. The logging in the Tracklog file is independent of Que.

Can I view the track in Mapsource?

Yes. After exporting the file out from GPSMapEdit, you can see the pokka dot track in Mapsource.

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  • 30 March 2006 - HOW TO MAKE THE MAPS? - discussion on collecting tracks using non-Garmin GPSR with Garmin Que.
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