Sungai Dua, Karak

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Loki wrote [1]:

Just went to this awesome waterfall for camping recently:: it's in sg dua off karak highway. The campsite is next to the waterfall, to the left of the picture, feels a bit noisy when you're bunking down at night but after a while, you won't even notice it. Access road is quite easy to miss. ... Here're the tracks, .


The Sungei Dua is a small river coming from the main range. A biking trail of about 20 km is supposed to lead to a waterfall. A real expedition. But the river has other falls, nearer to the mainroad and relatively unknown ... When we asked the locals about the name of the fall, they only could tell us the name of the river. We decided to name the fall Lata Khong in honour of the founder of this website.
Kg Sungai Dua is called such because it is located on the confluence of two rivers, Sungai Dua Olak and Sungai Dua Hulu, both of which are tributaries of the much larger Sungai Bentong. The two "Dua" rivers flow north-east along two parallel valleys.
Air terjun yang terletak di Sungai Dua, berhampi-ran bandar Karak ini sentiasa mengalir dibawah laluan lebuh raya yang sibuk sebelum menuju ke sungai utama iaitu Sungai Pahang. Anak sungai yang mengalir dicelah-celah bukit, diatas batu granit yang membentuk air terjun ini dinamakan Lata Khong ... Untuk sampai kesini sebaiknya menggunakan kenderaan pacuan 4 roda. Kereta biasa juga boleh kesini tetapi perlu berhati-hati kerana jalan yang licin dan berbatu.

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