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The easiest way to view our latest Malsingmaps is install the maps into Mapsource on your PC.


Download Malsingmaps Installer

- MSM NT v5.xx for Mapsource
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How to upload maps to the GPSr?

  1. Launch Mapsource and select View>Switch to Product (or use the Product list Select.jpg dropdown list in the tool bar) to choose the map you would like to display.
  2. Go to View>Map Detail and select the amount of detail you want to see in Mapsource.
  3. Select Tools>Map (use the M key or the Map Tool MapTool.jpg in the tool bar just below the menu) and click anywhere on the map to select it (the map will highlight pink and its name will appear under the Map tab on the left panel).
  4. You can repeat steps 1 & 2 to select additional map tiles to upload to your GPS receiver but keep in mind that searching for points fo interest (POI) or road names will only work on the last map selected.
  5. Use Transfer>Send to Device Send.jpg to upload the selected maps to your GPS device.
  6. For PalmOS users, the last step is to Hotsync.
  7. For WindowsMobile PDA users, you need to make sure your PDA is Activesynced with your PC before sending any map.

How to upload multiple maps from multiple mapsource products?

When you have multiple products installed in mapsource you can select multiple maps from the multiple products even though mapsource will only displays one product at a time. All the selected maps can be combined into one GMAPSUPP.IMG. More detailed instruction below. [1]


How to uninstall Malsing maps and Mapsets?

Read the forum thread Uninstalling Malsing maps Use MapsetToolKit - recommended.

What is this TYP, MDR, MDX files in the installer?

  1. TYP is a user customization file to change the default map display color / text / polyline / icons. This is only applicable to MobileXT/Nuvi/new series garmin devices/Mapsource. They make the maps look nice to see on your devices and on Mapsource. This does NOT apply to Garmin Que. So if you using PatchIMG to create the gmapsupp file for Que, you can ignore this file.
  2. MDR/MDX are global index files to bind multiple img files. Useful only for Mapsource.

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