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Mapsource allows the convenience of easily viewing our garmin compatible maps together with our GPSr waypoints, tracklogs and routes on our Desktop PC. Many Garmin GPSr comes bundled with Mapsource software, though some do not (notably Nuvi and Streetpilots).

Maps with MapSource installer

Note: This is NOT the Mapsource Software that are included in the package of some Garmin devices. This installer is a utility created to download our maps (usually multiple maps) contained in a single EXE file that automatically install into a directory where Mapsourceā„¢ can read and display them.

  1. Download the installer from MSM NT v5.xx for Mapsource link.
  2. Run the installer to install the map
  3. View the map using Mapsource

View the map using MapSource

  1. Launch MapSourceā„¢ and click on View>Switch to Product (or use the Product list dropdown list in the tool bar)
    MSM NT in Mapsource
    MSM NT in Mapsource
    to choose the map you would like to view. Go to View>Map Detail and select the amount of detail you want to see in MapSource.
  2. Download MapSource User's manual (1.3MB PDF file) from Garmin website, and read it. :-)

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