2012 Events

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KK GG on 30/01/2012 at Taman Selera Kampung Air

I went to pick up Adil at Cititel Express at 7.15pm sharp and went round the corner 500m away to Taman Selera Kampung Air and sat down on the left hand side as recommended by 9W6VX. tecrc was next to arrive followed by Keywest. Adil was surprised by how young and boyish looking this Keywest looked and complemented him on that. Adil imagined Keywest to be someone must older. 9W6VX brought up the rear....


In Memory

The passing of our good friend Rickvon 16th Dec 2007

Bro Rickvon had passed away due to a Motor Accident on Sunday (16-Dec-07) in Thailand.

He is one of the most jovial and well-loved 'wawa' fellas around our Hall, and will be missed by all.

Apart from being a very helpful brother. "You call , he come".... he literally gave new meaning to the word "wawa".

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Past Events

Bernama - TV Shooting

Location : Bukit Kiara Four-Way

Date/Time: 8.30 am @ 30th November 2008

Bring your GPS! The older the better. Something which has taken a beating. A classic 12XL would be fantastic....Adil

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Hari Raya Open House - haddy4

Location : His House...Jalan Abong Taip (N1 33.594 / E110 19.908)

Date/Time: 1st Raya

sarawakguy - "We went to haddy4 for Raya visit together with pungts. Tested our newly installed GMPC paired with 10x and another with Holux M-241, works surperbly, kudos to pungts for the pointer. haddy4 showered us with Raya goodies, also showed us his 2000+ music collections, carefully indexed and digitally stored. Had a taste of some of the evergreen/collections bring in old memories..... pungts spend some time with haddy4's computer, installing the latest Garmin's updates and MSM v2.30. We left about 10:30 and wahla....no one thought of taking photos for this post..... :( , anyway its a great evening.

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Sabah MSMers GG and General Discussions.... - bro tecrc

Location : City Mall KK

Date/Time: 21st September 2008 @ 2.00 pm

How come nowadays it seems that generally the size of GG is getting smaller and smaller. What happened to the rest of the members?...

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KL GG (previously known as VCs GG) - antyong

Location : Starbucks KL Sentral

Date/Time: 23rd August 2008 @ 10.00 am

As Bro Hayamaguchi wrote,.."We were lucky that in addition to mapping sifus antyong, sunn, and cckbest, photo experts cckbest and naim were also there! While the techies talk mapping, naim, sabariah and I talk about travel to distant places...we are dreamers, what can I say? ...

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Durian Durian GG - mygis

Location : Segamat (N2.20368 E102.43102)

Date/Time: Saturday, 19th July 2008, 4:30pm

"Try leaving cheese and a dead body out in the sun and you're in the same neighborhood as the smell of durian." -- Tony Bourdain

Why do people eat it? Supposedly, despite the odor, it has a wonderful, transcendent texture and flavor. Devotees of the fruit are often quite zealous in their search for converts, believing the durian to be the "King of Fruits". You're not done once you've eaten the durian. You've only just begun. You'll be burping up durian for hours afterward.

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Singapore GG - dynamix

Location : McDonald's Kallang (N1.30527 E103.88176)

Date/Time: Saturday, 19th July 2008, 4:30pm

After too many options where and when to meet, they finally decided 19th July the day to meet

Since the last post died on the same day itself, can't figure out what had happened...

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NPM GG with antyong - moeyHC

Location : Northam Beach Cafe ( N5 25.673 E100 19.352 )

Date/Time: 17th June 2008, @7:00pm

I may be drunk but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly...

It was an enjoyable GG for NPM guys especially with a very special guest....sifu antyong. It seems that a simple dinner turned to a drinking session. Must be 'some' session, there is no report from them, only this what Bro moeyHC got to say,"Thank you Bro antyong for your attendance. Your presence here is a boost to our effort to foster greater awareness of the mapping community. To all the Guys that were present, thank you for your support and participation.... cheers to all... thanks for the drinks too..."

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Ipoh 1st GG - ronchan

Location : Kopitiam Junction

Date/Time: 15th June 2008, @2:30pm

Bro Ronchan wrote,"First and foremostph, I like to thanks each and every participant members, contribute unselfish sharing, exchange idea to make this a successful Ipoh 1st GG. Special thanks to doremon1 and tuabeng all the way from Taiping, showing their committed sharing to our Malsing community, and not forget our uncle ckteh888, all the way from Sitiawan and bring along the famous Hock Chew Pizza (biscuit), and one round of drinks. TQ! Yes! GG have reach out the first step, hopefully community here will growth in no time"

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Kuching GG - Haddy4

Location : Cafe 168, Tabuan Jaya (N1 31.593 E110 22.575)

Date/Time: 6 Jun 08 / Saturday / 7pm onwards

Bro bernGPS was running a bit late to the GG @ Kaya & Toast

as he was wanted to pick up a RM5 LCD screen protector from a shop just behind the proposed site of the Kuching GG.

When walking towards the Kaya & Toast Tabuan Jaya at about 7.10pm. Was he surprised to see the place closed.

Thinking that he was the first to arrive since he didn't received any phone calls concerning this matter,

he looked around for alternative venue for the GG. This illusion was shattered when sarawakguy called him from Cafe 168 next door!!!

Victor and Leetz already there but minus the host, haddy4.

The final attendence was as follows: sarawakguy, victor, Leetz, Lawrence, pungts, haddy4, kuchingguy, eclau2004, knots, borneo4x4 & his BH and yours truely.

The GG concluded at about 10pm.

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NPM Penang GG - dynamix

Location : N5.33455 E100.30663

Date/Time: 25 May 08 / Sunday / 6:30pm onwards

A very happy and joyous MoeyHC went early !!!

He summarized as follows: "Good morning!

Had a great night out with Bro dynamix and the NPM guys last night. We had guys from

as far as Taiping, Nibong Tebal and not to mention our mapper dynamix from Singapore.

After a quick bite at TGIF on Appetizers only dynamix and I moved over to Starbuck for

the GG (our appetizers in doggy bags)... guess who we need to feed?....

These guys just don't know how to enjoy, once seated, out came the notebooks and it

was Mapedit, mapsource.... blah, blah, blah....etc all the way.... Other topics

discussed were on Garmin Que, Proxy, Gmxt...& etc for the Smartphones & PDAs guys.

I got a few peculiar stares from the guys for starting a thread in the Official Malsin

Maps '4 idiots' yesterday.... and was accuse of doing it so that there'll will be no

reply...to the post... Well it work till now... still zero reply...

Bro dynamix was busy with all the mapping questions and it lasted till the very end

before my Nuvi question got answered. He informed that the Nuvi cannot be used to

submit track offset data to be of use to a mapper. There isn't enough ref points a

user can plot manually to be of use. Hence Nuvi users without tracking capabilities

can only submit POIs and Errors correction.

We parted at around 10:15pm and thanked Brother dynamix for his kind attendance and

effort on our NPM Maps.

For Your Info :- This Is The 1st Time Our Own Mapper Is Using His Own Creation....

The NPM Maps.... cheers!

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Kota Kinabalu, Sabah GG - tecrc

Location : Hilltop Curry Fish Head function room (N 5 57.006 E116 05.518)

Date/Time: 3 May 08 / Wednesday / 7:00pm ( for dinner) 8:00 pm (for GG only)

Tecrc invites everyone to come and 'wine,wawa & song' :)

Newbies who are shy.. please dont shy..... come and un-shy .....

Jaguar opined, "I cannot believe these guys. Having a GG at a great makan place and no pics of a Fish Head !!!"

"ke dong, ke dong , ke dong...... ka da ploom... ouch !"

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Klang GG - Harrier880

Location : AEON Bandar Bukit Tinggi Klang "StarBuck" located @ ground floor visible from roadside

Date/Time: 27 April 08 / Sunday / 6pm onwards

Sabre23t will teach you how to draw.... :) He would like to see more newbies... Please come !!!

quote from sabre23t, "I usually bring all my GPS gadgets to the GG. But what I take out on the table depends on what the group

(or person near me) wants to see/talk about.

* trusty Garmin Que old XdaIIs with GPSlim236 (mainly my GPS device)

* less often used Mapking R12 on TyTN II (mainly my phone device)

* venerable petite P1120 ultra-note with GPSMapedit, Mapsource and similar

I'd say you just bring what you want to talk/ask about, nokian.

Harrier880 said, "Thank you to all have attended. Is a good GG

where lots of sharing :mrgreen: we chat almost every thing...as i

can remember like -gmaptool (TQ dvpro), iphone demo, M3, track &

untrack areas around Klang. so u know what to right after this!!

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Singapore GG - Bro Redstorm

Location : Botak Jones @ Toa Payoh

Date/Time: 13 April 08 / Sunday / 10am

We had a great time, talking, learning, drinking and yakking. I am sure the newbies enjoyed it too :)

By the way... Bro SoSweet volunteered to buy food and drinks, and again someone beat to pay some of it .. :)

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1st Kelantan GG - Bro TanSeeHua

Location : Hayaki Kopitiam (free wifi)

Date/Time: 12 April 08 / Saturday / 9 PM till 1:30am !

Tanseehua asked politely,

"Hi to all Kelantan MSM member, im thinking to organize the 1st GG in Kelantan, hope that all Kelantan member

will attend. For those from other state happened to visit Kelantan when we do the GG are welcome too.

Bill on ur own (US style lah) .... and if you don't finish your drink, we'll shoot you ... ;)"

After the successful GG, bro dvpro reported as follows

Topics discussed (among others that I can recall ):

History of Malsingmaps.

Tracking tips and experience.

Gmaptool tutorial for combining maps using Nik's Eee PC (thanks Nik).

Tips on Polygon tracking and tracing.

Amateur Radio tips (including tips for upcoming 24 June RA Exam) from 9W2Max (registered Ham operator).

Garmin video ads by TanSeeHua.

I'd like to thank TanSeeHua for organizing this GG and also for the Keropoks, and fellow members who attended this first Kota Bharu GG

and hope there'll be more GGs to come. A special thanks to Mohicans for allowing to hitch a ride with his lovely family and also providing

complimentary stay (including free meals ) at the comfortable Hanna Inn.

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Penang GG - Bro Tympg

Location : Starbucks Auto City, Juru, Prai

Date/Time: 4 April 08/ Friday / 9:00PM

Finally, we have a brother sulphur.. a great artist.. see above .. the cartoons !!! fantastic.... speak volumes.

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Kuching GG - Bro Eclau2004

Location : Kaya n Toast, Tabuan Jaya

Date/Time: 22 March 08 / Saturday / 7:30 PM

EClau said,

"Hi guys, I am a newbie and am really keen to learn from the sifus.

Can we have a GG during this coming Easter holidays? I suggest 22/03/08.

Newbies in Kuching please show your response to get all the sifus out!

Hope to meet you guys soon. "some drinks on me ... oops" "

Berngps reporting ....

"On the evening of 23/03/2008, I was worried about what the attendence of the Kuching GG would be like

as it was raining cats and dogs. Sarawakguy picked me up at 1900hours and we arrived 15 minutes later to see

pungts ambling towards Kaya & Toast. Eclau2004 arrived not long after that.

By 2000hours, 8 of us (sarawakguy, berngps, pungts, eclau2004, leetz, mrank aka waterlily, amateur and belida88)

are already there. Donpkong with his BH and 2 children came shortly afterwards while the Datuk Bandar Kuchingguy

arrived 1 hour later and immediately went to order his Nasi Lemak Special.

The 3 newcomers (eclau2004, amateur and belida88) had no problem spotting the tables where we sat.

We got down to serious discussion after all the pleasantries. Eclau2004 started off showing us how he tracked using

GPSproxy installed on top of his GMXT. Belida88 took the opportunity to get his 76CSx checked if it is the optimum

setting for tracking has ben set on his equipment. Next eclau2004 and leetz wants to know about using GPSmapedit

especially with the G button activated while pungts was nearby asking about how to improve the .mp of Kapit that

he has done. Hopefully, the rate of mapping East Malaysia would be sped up with more knowing how to prepare

the .mp file. The GG dragged on where 4 hardcore members were almost chased out of Kaya & Toast and the

staffers wants to go home at about 12.am. Overall it was a fruitful and fun time meeting up and sharing

our knowledge. It was a pity that envincem could not convince his BH that driving 60km to

Kuching in heavy rain to meet some crazy guys is worth the effort while borneo4x4, bross and sllam88 send

their regards as they had prior commitments."

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SJ mini GG - Bro Antyong

Location : Mamak Bistro SS14

Date/Time: March 5th , 8pm

Munny members dropped by at Mamak Bistro for a simple mini GG. I dont' know what they dicsuss....

Member ladynglr wrote, "Nice & warm gathering at Mamak Bistro. Really thankful to allgurus for the helping on

GPS things for us newbies. Everyone is so friendly & helpful I really learn quite a lot here. Will look forward

for the next gathering & hope it's not long in future."

Member Stimix wrote, "8pm - Arrival of guests...2 tables spotted. 1 wth colnago + cch without realising

there's another bigger group on the inner table.. 8pm-11:30pm: talk-talk-talk all about GPS, laser, flashlight,

error reporting. Unlocked key request , how to mark & draw own landed property (tinta),

traveling experience, past GG, & also cuci mata....when a group of pretty ladies walked in ~10pm..

probably just after gym.... Those guys started to switch places to hv better view... ..No photos kah?"

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CNY Segamat GG - Bro Pauchai

Location : JJJ cafe

Date/Time: 9th Feb 08 / 9 PM / Saturday

They had the gathering... but no pics...... shy la... :)

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CNY Taiping GG - Bro Dynamix

Location : Prima Cafe (N4.85415 E100.74218)

Date/Time: 4th Feb 08 / 8:30 PM

Pre CNY gathering. Present were:tuabeng, gloomis10, ronchan, Jimmyong64, dynamix, doraemon1 :)

I am sure that was a large bottle of 'todi' in the middle :)

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Putrajaya mini GG - Bro Topoguy

Location : Putrajaya Lake Club. got free wifi (for club members), nice teh tarik

Date/Time: 19 Jan 08 / 3 PM / Saturday

--- reported by Topoguy --

Attendees: Mohicans, dvpro, srusnan+junior, stimix+2BH, topoguy+2BH

great GG, discussed amongst other thing:


1- how to convert from Cassini coordinates to WGS84 coordinates (no solution yet - any expert out there?)

2- MSM locked maps issues with mapsource (solution: create gmapsupp.img, copy to desktop/notebook PC, then cut+paste to GPSr)

3- hobbies: topoguy showed his hiking fotos and revealed his other passion: cooking

4- topomap authoring: ran through the basics of creating a topomap for mohicans

5- stimix keen on tracking, more than using GPSr for navigating

6- srusnan on paragliding, wow, a really esoteric hobby, keep it up

7- mohicans showed his RM68 external stick-on magnetic GPS antenna

my kids went swimming at the Club pool, while we talked shop about GPS things.

overall, a good GG, we finished about 5.45pm

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SG GG @ West Side - initiated by Bro Pauchai

Location : West Coast McDonald (N1 17.868 E103 45.823)

Date/Time: 27 Jan 08 / 1030 hrs / Sunday

Pre CNY gathering. Wow... a bunch of folks gathered and challenged each other ... ha ha ....

I am sure they enjoyed themselves very much... yum seng !!!

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Kuching GG - 1st 2008 GG in Kuching !!!

Location : Kaya & Toast Tabuan Jaya

Date/Time: 13 Jan 08 / 1400 hrs

Group photo taken at 1st Kuching GG for 2008. Bross Jr I, our youngest apprentice mapper in attendance.

We had the pleasure of visiting NZ mapper, rchan, gamma from S'pore and Michelle from France while the rest of us, are familiar local boys.

Kuchinguy as brought his foldable bike for demo, which is a good idea for tracking in view of the ever increasing fuel prices. Photo of bike taken by BernGps......(pls post)

rchan demostrated his ipod which was a fantastic piece for surfing using Kaya & Toast's wifi.

Both kuchinguy and Berngps's laptop ran out of juice during the meet.

On more serious note, Bern, rchan, pls elaborate on the technical side of the gg.

Until then, got to go....catching a flight to KK next.

BTW, leetz had a puncture to his wheels, or was he thinking about kuchinguy's bike....eh????

-- reported by sarawakguy --

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Singapore 'Sudden' GG for Cruiser -- Free Beer !!!

Location : Botak Jones @ Toa Payoh

Date/Time: 13 Jan 08 / 1400 hrs

Bro Cruiser hails from Holland. But he grew up here... so he has memories of old Singapore. He arrived here on Saturday.

We picked up Cruiser from his in-law's place around 1:15pm and arrived at Botak Jones around 1:35pm.

Guess who is there !!! Bro Sotongkia oredi there !!! He chopped 3 tables and eating his lunch !!! Ha !

So, I quickly took mee goreng before the rest came... of course they came..... one by one... eyeing the brew on our table...

We enjoyed talking a bit about GPS (of course) and a lot about everything else on this great suunday afternoon...

Before bro poortraveller came, we oredi had 3 jugs of San Miguel..... great timing..... and great warm up..

Bro poortraveller is true to his words. He brought a large red coolerbox with about 9 bottles of his home brew beer with him !!!

By that time, we could only help ourselves to wallop 2 bottles.... of his beer

Honestly ... better than the one my neighbour brewed last year !!! Yummy .. yummy... thanks bro poortraveller....

..... and by some luck... Botak Jones engaged a 2 piece jazz band today !!! I thought they were here for us..... Malsingmaps boleh !!!

Folks present today are...jaguar & BH, sotongkia, cruiser, taipan, jchoong, silverbeauty, redstorm, redshadow, singawon, trajet2b, poortraveller

Before we left , Bro Cruiser gave each of us a packet of chocolate to be mixed with some hot milk................from Holland !

Great day.. great day.. great day...

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Kota Kinabalu GG - First KK Organized GG in Y2008 !!! Yippee !!!l

Location : Old Town White Coffee,City Mall

Date/Time: 04 Jan 08 / 1900 hrs

- Summary report by Bartmp8 and Berngps -

We just had a Borneo "Interport" GG with members from Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei.

I hope all the poison we put in tonight will have some effect. We hope to welcome

Bro KJ at MSM soon. Bro 9W6VX while still GPS-less will hopefully bite the bullet

and get himself a HCx that he has long been pining for.....

....Bro Spyroeast was not having any luck with the waiter as everything he ordered seems to

be out of stock . But it didn't stop his infectious personality and humour. Bro Fahroe

was telling us about HAM radios. Now I know HAM radio operators are not called "Hamsters"

because they are not cute little furry creatures. Neither are they "Hampers" . Anyway

having Bro Fahroe there with his radio on the table makes it look like we got some CID or

undercover police officer with us (the Cafe Manager was asking me all sort of questions)....

... First KK GG for 2008. What a great turnout. The head count before the GG was 9. The final turnout........ go count at the photo posted by tecrc lah.

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Singapore GG with MoeyHC - First un-organized GG in Y2008 !!! Yeah !!!l

Location : outside Albert Court

Date/Time: 03 Jan 08 / 1930 hrs

We got together for the first impromptu GG of Y2008 ! Silverbeauty, Sotongkia, Redstorm, Dynamix, Moeyhc, Ace, Jaguar & BH.

We couldn't talk too much in the lounge, so we adjourned to a small cafe outside the hotel to drink & yak ...

Moeyhc talked about common sense and a tank driver passing a driving test ... we had fun..

Cheers and have a Happy New Year !!!

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PJ Gathering - DJ: Aceedburn (free Malsing Song :)

Location: A&W PJ (N3.10351 E101.64609)

Date/Time: 8 Dec 2007, 2:00PM

The verdict : All in all, a very successful gathering. I initially thought it would be a small gathering under 10 people, but we

had 30 in total! Great job guys! I was pleased to meet all of you and also thanks to bro antyong who made time to come

and show his handsome face(although he's camera shy) to those who haven't seen how he looks like! Also, a big thank you

to bro lawloh and bro feiluman for handling the photography and video recording and bro lawloh for labelling the pictures

and posting them up. Good initiative there guys, I feel so proud to be part of this unselfish community.

It was also nice to see so many brothers who had come from far, like sarawakguy and barnes who were mighty friendly.

The newly elected mods, sunn and dvpro were there too and they promised they will not ban us from the forum even if

they're in a bad mood.

Again, a big thank you to all that came and since I've been unanimously voted as the official gathering organiser,

I will take that as a compliment and plan another sometime early next year. -- unedited report by Aceedburn --

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Penang GG - MoeyHC the man ! (free donut, free 'OrKow'... :)

Location: Starbuck E-Gate (N5 22.595 E100 18.943)

Date/Time: 7 Dec, 2007.... @9:00pm


Another Fun Filled Time At The NPM GG last night...

All were early birds... with a mix of new and old faces. Great time trying to make the Holux M1200 Bluetooth pair with my notebook..

Thanks to Calvinyeoh learnt that a fresh start up, Shutdown n Re-Boot, is the way to make it run. Now I can do tracking... " src="./images/smilies/eusa_clap.gif"

Run through the sendmap20 excercise together but found the Gmapsupp.img generated on my system does not work for

other Nuvi... There were request for a screen projector as the notebook screen is a challenge for some to comprehend...

Next time bring your own Mircoscope... okay?

Bro pumbaa, as promised, got his highend camera clicking .... until the Family Photo shot.... No focus, no flash... no pictures....

until a kind neighbour offered his services.... Manage to keep his diet controlled... via No Donuts Policy... Bro keep up the good work.

The meeting was filled with joy and laughter that befits a pre Christmas gathering... Thanks Guys for the wonderful time together...

see you all again in the near future.. Have a great weekend. - reported by brother MoeyHC

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Singapore Gathering

Location: Botak Jones@Toa Payoh (N1.34267 E103.85003)

Time: 24 Nov 2007, 11.30AM

More Info

Here, you witness the sharing of knowledge and close friendship. This was a great GG.

I extract this report from the forum

"Ok Sexatary oops... secretary here reporting .. aiya already mabok from the session

Bro Jaguar camera too high tech, produces too high quality photos but msm allows too little space to show such quality so have to massage them for better fit

Here now are the photos. (see above)

We had a whale of the time exchanging information, techniques, skill-sets, etc....

The food / booze was great and the free wifi was an added bonus.

The collection of GPS from the group attending the GG is awesum. -- reported by Silverbeauty -- "

Kuching Mini Gathering #4

Location: Kopitiam near HarbourView

Time: 24 Nov 2007, 10.00AM

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Kuching Mini Gathering #3

Location: King Centre Food Court

Time: 12 Nov 2007

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Combined Meet with MyPDACafe

Location: Kapitan (N3.12331 E101.57480)

Time: 3 Nov 2007, 6.30PM

More Info

Klang Valley Gathering

Location: Kapitan (N3.12331 E101.57480)

Time: 11 Sep 2007, 6.30PM

More Info

Singapore Mini Gathering cum Workshop

Location: West Coast Park McDonald's (N1 17.868 E103 45.825)

Time: 2 Sep 2007, 11.00AM

More Info

Penang Mini Gathering

Location: E-gate Starbucks (N5 22.595 E100 18.942)

Time: 31 Aug 2007, 8.00PM

More Info

Kota Kinabalu Gathering

Location: Karamunsing Complex Food Court

Time: 17 Aug 2007, 12.30PM

More Info

Singapore Gathering

Location: Kallang McDonald's

Time: 4 Aug 2007, 11.00AM

More Info

Penang Gathering

Location: Batu Lanchang Wine House (N5 23.357 E100 18.312)

Time: 13 Jul 2007, 8.00PM

More Info

Singapore Gathering

Location: Kallang McDonald's

Time: 10 Jun 2007, 10.30AM

More Info

Johor Gathering

Location: Johor jaya Kopitiam (N1 32.569 E103 47.982)

Time: 9 Jun 2007, 11.30AM

More Info

Kuching Gathering #1

Location: King Centre (N1 31 42.5 E110 21 36.9)

Time: 2 Jun 2007, 2.00PM

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